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In-camera multiple exposures on 35mm film. After exposing a single image onto each frame, I roll the film back into the canister, reload it into the camera, and expose a new round of images over the same film.


Chance, experimentation, and play are my guides. I don't track the individual images I've taken, or try to plan ahead for harmonious compositions. The results are always random but sometimes appear eerily purposeful. Many images are discarded from each roll, but some take on a life of their own.

My role is both creator and spectator, scientist and subject, magician and archaeologist. I will the images into existence, then search them for treasure. To me they illustrate the chaos of life—The many seemingly unrelated experiences we each encounter on our journey that layer on top of one another in our memory to create the rich tapestry (and walking contradiction) that we call our "self".

This project explores deeper beyond the "Dislocation" project, into feelings of alienation and disconnection from the environment and my own body. Using camera and film, I experiment with separating my body from its environment, and then allowing them to find each other again organically, but within a set of boundaries that I control.

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